Thursday, August 16, 2007

Motorcycle Man!!!

On my way to sturgis.... Just kidding. Me and Jordan practiced riding some motorcycles a few weeks ago. In Indonesia this will be our main transportation but we need to get our liscense here in the states, so I need to figure out how to use this thing! No major accidents, except Jordan going into a ditch and me killing it like 50 times. Im pretty sure I need some leather plants to complete the biker outfit!

Top speed..... 4 mph. I was a little scared. It looks like im going faster than that though, doesn't it????

Me and Jordan In Colorado

here are a few pics from my trip to Colorado with Jordan. Jordan and I graduated together this last spring and he is coming with me to Indonesia. We leave in just a few short months. We are both getting pretty anxious and excited to leave... but still have a lot of preperation to do in the mean time. We will be living in the same city and doing most of the same things together. Im definitely pumped to get to know him better and grow our friendship! Lately Ive come to realize that friendships are gifts and can easily be taken for granted. I believe alot of times we don't realize how special someone is to us until our time with them is running out!