Monday, February 18, 2008

The rigors from the life of a teachers assistant...

Here I am decked out in my uniform standing in front of my School!

Three days a week I go to this high school for about five hours each day. Each day I spend part of that time in several classes helping students learn English. The rest of the time I spend with some of the English teachers working on my Indonesian. They have been a huge help to me and the development of my language so far. Me and the Librarian have actually become pretty good friends and I usually try and get to school early so I can meet him for breakfast at the kanteen (mini-cafeteria). As my language has developed it has become easier to teach as many of my students still have a hard time understanding my English! I have begun also, to meet with several of the top English speaking students in a club that meets once a week.

This is me with all the teachers. I look like Shaq next to some of these folks!

My teaching in front of 4o students has provided some great opportunities to learn what not to do in Indonesian culture! A while back my nose was kind of stuffed up so I borrowed a tissue from one of the students and really gave it a good blow. The students screamed, and some I think were even a little scared. I soon realized it is quite frowned upon to blow your nose in front of Indonesians. Ah well...gotta learn some how!

This is a shot taken in between periods. Students will often hang out and shoot hoops in between their classes. It is also a good time for to chat with some of the students!