Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The New Biz

For countless years now I have loved wood working and for even longer I have loved the outdoors. Because of these two passions of mine, I am pumped to announce my first ever business start-up (except for selling baseball cards and pogs to the neighbor kids). I have decided to call it, Adventure Indoors Log Furniture. Initially this will just be a part time endeavor and my goal is to maintain at least 2 projects a week.

In the shop!

If you are interested in the "rustic and outdoorsy" kind of theme than let me know, I would love to make something for you. Or if you know somebody that does, I would be grateful if you would spread the word!

I specialize in log furniture but also am trying to develop a reclaimed barn wood product line. I have a few pics of what I have made below, if you have any questions than just holler. I make just about any household furniture and can match about any budget you might have. I apologize for some of the pics being a bit cruddy. A website will be out shortly, with better pics!

Hat/coat racks

Fishing pole or gun/bow racks


End tables/night stands

End table with 'barked' legs

Log Beds

Barn wood headboards

Sofa tables/entry way tables

Glass coffee tables/display cases

Coffee table with glass top

Standard Coffe table