Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas In Indonesia

A while back Jordan and I were doing a little traveling around Eastern Java and found this Christmas tree decked out with ornaments and all. I had to do a double take when I first saw it thinkng my mind might be playing tricks on me. But sure enough there it was in all its glory... a beutifal 7 ft plastic pine tree. Turns out people don't use Christmas trees here so I wanted to capture the image in my mind hoping it would last a while (the picture helps too). My first Christmas away from home has left me a little sad and missing family, but I am learning a great deal. I'm trying to learn what it means to be content in where I am and with what I have. At times it seems like I don't have much but I'm often reminded I still, and always will, possess what is most important to me... my faith. I believe the most important adventure anyone will face is the adventure of ones pursuit of spiritual truth and understanding. For now the path I have taken in my adventure has led me to Indonesia... and when I return I get to marry my best friend! I must say, I owe a great debt to the one who leads me in this adventure and the one who I will never stop following!

I thought I would throw in this picture too from Jordan's birthday party. It was a pretty big bash! I left with Jordan for a bit on the night of his birthday and a handful of our friends were waiting at the house for us to come back. Jordan felt pretty honored as they learned how to sing Happy Birthday in English for him! This pic is taken from our living room.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

My New Wheels!

Not to long ago I bought this sweet ride pictured below. It is a 1991 Honda GL Max. Back in '91 this would have been one hot ride. Almost twenty years later it is not quite so flashy... but I'm having a blast riding it around. It has been so much easier to get around as Jordan and I no longer have to use taxis and various other forms of public transportation. I never rode in America so i'm still trying to get used to the bike, and the traffic here doesn't exactly help the situation. A few close calls but no crashes yet! Only 6 trips to the repair shop in the first week... and I think she is finally running smooth!

For those of you that like action shots...