Monday, October 22, 2007


I leave for Indonesia just one week from tonight. I've said a lot of goodbyes lately, and have a lot more to come. I'm starting to realize how hard it is to leave the ones I love the most behind. I feel like I have realized how blessed I am in the relationships that I have...maybe because the time I have left with them is running out. Goodbyes give the perfect opportunity to share the depths of our affections for one another. There are those here that I will certainly miss, but I hope to make the kind of relationships in Indonesia that I have here... the ones that will make it hard to leave there and return home. In the adventure of life goodbyes are a necessity but with goodbyes come hellos.... and I can't wait to say hello to old friends and new future friends in Indonesia. Sampai Jumpa Nanti Indonesia! See you soon Indonesia!

Friends in Colorado!

Being attacked in the woods!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Plane Tickets

Its official... there is no turning back now! I just got my plane tickets ordered a few days ago and it's looking like Jordan and I will be flying out the evening of October 29th. Almost 3 weeks! It's been over a year now since I have desired to return to Indonesia... and the day is almost here! I must say I caught myself in a moment of hesitation right before I verified the purchase. Sometimes things don't quite become a reality until steps are actually taken in that direction. It's hard to imagine that in three weeks I'll be leaving American soil... not to return for a year. Im anxiously awaiting the adventure of a lifetime. I hope the cultural experiences the challenges and the trials and i'll encounter will change my life forever!