Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Bulai Friends!

A lot of times us white folks don't exactly blend into the crowds here in Indonesia. "BULAI!!!" (pronounced buu - lay) This was actually one of the first words that I learned when I arrived in Indonesia. It is the word Indonesians use for, "white person". Most of the time, as far as I know, the word is used in a friendly manor. Sometimes it is screamed at us and other times I can just read the lips of Indonesians whispering, "look there is a bulai!"

I decided to post a few photos of my bulai friends that came to Indonesia during the summer months. You might begin to understand why we don't exactly blend into the crowd.

We helped make this monkey statue in Bali just a bit crazier.

An outbound course in Bali

A beach in Lombok.

Perhaps the best one yet... going scuba diving in Lombok. I voted myself as the strongest, most intimidating diver of the group...except for our instructor of course.

The top of Mount Lawu! I proudly represent my "bulai" name were ever I go!