Thursday, May 15, 2008

Madiun... You gotta love it!

A few days ago I took a trip around my hometown and tried to capture some shots that I hope will give you a little taste of my surroundings from the past 6 months. A simple trip with the intent of taking a few photos turned into having tea with a police officer, promising 4 little dudes I would play soccer with them sometime and making a new friend at the local market (me and the lady pictured below). It was that experience that reminded me again of why I love my city.... not because of the surroundings or the things to do, but because of the people. As Jordan and I are the only two white boys in our city we often receive more invitations from folks than we know what to do with. When I hear from Jordan that he is "going somewhere real quick" that usually means he'll be back in several hours.

A shot from the market.

My new Indonesian Grandma.

This is a shot of the biggest Mosque in town. Around 85 - 90% of the people in Madiun are Muslim.
These little carts are a pretty common sight. They are pushed all throughout the city and some like to set up shop here at this park. They usually sell food and drinks and sometimes small toys.
These are the guys waiting to play soccer!!

This is called a "becak". It is a pretty common form of public transportation here in town and actually quite popular throughout Indonesia. With my business education I might start up my own becak company back in the states!